Romance Novels (and Other Things) with Maggie and Annette

In the very first ever episode recorded IN PERSON (sorry for a little audio echo, by the way), I'm talking to two good friends about the quickness with which new Taco Bell items are born only to die, foreign fast food options, vibrators, romance novels, animated gifs, and so much more.

Annette was kind enough to write some additional show notes for the episode for all her romance book recommendations. She writes: the blue aliens The Beyond series or how I learned to stop worrying and love blow job scenes. But seriously though, one of the finest romance series I've read. A complete story in itself, broken up into each couple's book. And also 🔥🔥🔥

Crashpad: lesbian/queer porn series

Nico Rosso (I got his name slightly wrong). I read Unsolicited Duke Pic, which was delightful and Contactless Pickup, which is possibly the only sexy thing about lock down.

Eva Leigh Highly recommend the Union of the Rakes series.

Also, in an earlier version of this episode, Maggie made a comment about not being able to relate to women’s bodies in porn and used some skinny-shaming rhetoric. As a self-proclaimed fat lady, she deeply regrets the comment - no one’s body deserves to be shamed, no matter the size. She apologizes for the comment and any harm it may have caused, and is committed to unpacking that impulse and being better going forward.

National Masturbation Day 2022 with Nate

For Legal Reasons, This Podcast Should Not Be Considered Advice

It's National Masturbation Day! And as such, I'm talking to my former roommate Nate. We talk about how the cheesy gordita crunch is the perfect food, how great baja blasts are, and also quite a lot about sex toys. There's a nonzero chance this episode will be the most you have ever heard about fleshlights in your entire life.

First Annual Wanksgiving with Kevin

Today I'm joined by Kevin for a very big new holiday: Wanksgiving! We talk about the return of the grilled cheese burrito, the various things Taco Bell has cancelled (including the Taco Bell Dog), and a whole lot about pornography. Happy Wanksgiving, everybody!

For Science! With Kate

What do Taco Bell's potatoes and the podcast Ring My Bell have in common? They have both risen from the ashes like a fiery phoenix on this day, March 11th. To kick off season 2, I'm joined by Kate from the podcast Christmastide, Ohio. We talk about the difference between Taco Bell at home and actual Taco Bell. We also do what we do best: make some Futurama references. We also accidentally invent a new bumper sticker and we talk about the problem with looking for attractive guys in porn.

Live Más (And Also With You) with Daniel

Today I'm joined by Daniel of the Concept podcast (and many others!). We talk about their lack of experience with Taco Bell and also the importance of fried chicken and various hot sauces. I give advice about quintessential Taco Bell and also sex toys, and we go on quite a side track about ethics in pornography.

Tortilla Is Not A Layer with Laura

Long time supporter of this show and all my other shows, Laura joins me to talk about nachos as a time bomb, the 5-Layer burrito, romance books, Penthouse Forums, and also Alf makes a surprise appearance. Well, I guess if you read these before listening to the episode, Alf won't be a surprise. But I promise we have a lot of fun along the way.

A Deeper Dive Into Fanfic with Temma

I'm joined by friend of the podcast Temma who talks about a love of fanfic and an unfortunate string of bad luck with Taco Bell. (She loves Taco Bell anyway.) Plus we get what could sort of be looked at as the beginnings of the podcast many years ago with a drunk game of Ask Me Anything.

Behind the Counter with Amity

Today I'm joined by Amity of the Latecomers podcast. As the first guest to have worked at a Taco Bell we get some behind-the-counter tales of what goes on at an actual Taco Bell. I also give her some porn suggestions and she tells me about a short-lived tradition called "porn breakfast."

Tales of Erotica with Mike

Today I'm joined by Mike from the Stool Pigeons podcast where we talk about being "lazy vegetarians" and the plethora of vegetarian options at Taco Bell. (Sadly this was recorded before we knew about the impending demise of the 7 Layer Burrito. Rest in peace, old friend, but with light sour cream.)

We also talk about the difficulty in finding interesting porn and Mike talks about his interest in erotica.

Dreams of Barbacoa with James

Today I'm talking with James of "World Beyond the Tale" and a future, unnamed Clone High podcast! We're talking about a time long ago when Taco Bell had barbacoa and James has some serious feelings about it. We also talk about some vibrating toys for those of us with penises that I just never even considered. Sideshow Bob and the N64 Rubmle Pak each make an appearance in case you thought this episode wasn't going to be weird.